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A list of sites that I have found useful during the time I have been involved with Sterescopiv 3D.  Just click on the red buttons to visit.

Muttyans home page for the best 3D image manipulation software and tools including StereoPhoto Maker - and it's all free.

Assistpoint supply all forms of 3D glasses and 3D devices, including digital camera and viewing accessories.

Flickr is a photo and video sharing experience. As a first of it’s kind, it’s kind and helps to make photography become a mainstream experience.  Content can be viewed by non-members in several formats

The INTERNATIONAL STEREOSCOPIC UNION (ISU) was founded in 1975 and is the only international 3D association in the world. The ISU is a club of individual 3D enthusiasts as well as a club of stereo clubs. The ISU's members currently number more than 1,050 and come from over 40 countries world-wide.

The NATIONAL STEREOSCOPIC ASSOCIATION (NSA) was founded in 1974 to promote the research, collection, and use of vintage and contemporary stereoviews, stereo cameras, equipment, and related materials. 

The THIRD DIMENSIONS SOCIETY (TDS) was founded in 1963 with the mission of participating in, and furthering the art of, colour stereography (3D Photography).